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My curated collection of beaches in India with lots of personal recommendations.

I am not a seasoned travel blogger or full-time photographer with plenty of time in the world to live as digital nomad. I am a real person among the rest of you, with a regular job to keep, a family to spend time with, who is able to steal time for what he loves the most, photography and travelling. My stories are real life struggle of a common man, who cannot afford luxury travel and has counted number of leaves to fit his travel plans in. Nonetheless, my spirit has all it takes to be a lawyer, photographer and traveler at the same time. The more I travel, the more I feel hungry to find the soul of an offbeat place and read unsaid words, through my photographs.

Landscapes in Black & White

Landscape in Colours


We know Kashmir for many reasons and above all, for its pristine mountains, enchanting lakes and flavourful cuisines. Kashmir is also a melting pot of culture and traditions with a…

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