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My curated collection of beaches in India with lots of personal recommendations.

I am not a seasoned travel blogger or full-time photographer with plenty of time in the world to live as digital nomad. I am a real person among the rest of you, with a regular job to keep, a family to spend time with, who is able to steal time for what he loves the most, photography and travelling. My stories are real life struggle of a common man, who cannot afford luxury travel and has counted number of leaves to fit his travel plans in. Nonetheless, my spirit has all it takes to be a lawyer, photographer and traveler at the same time. The more I travel, the more I feel hungry to find the soul of an offbeat place and read unsaid words, through my photographs.

From most favourite to least

Andaman (5/5)
Malvan (4.5/5)
Ratnagiri (4.5/5)
Gokarna (4.5/5)
Vengurla (4.5/5)
Shankarpur (3.5/5)
Mahabalipuram (3.5/5)
Goa (2.5/5)
Pondicherry (2.5/5)

From most favourite to least

Naldehra (4.5/5)
Chikmagalur (3.5/5)
Coonoor (3.5/5)

From most favourite to least

Chhattisgarh (5/5)
Jabalpur (5/5)

From most favourite to least

Kolkata (5/5)
Hyderabad (5/5)
Jaipur (5/5)
Delhi (4.5/5)
Mumbai (4/5)
Pondicherry (3.5/5)
Bangalore (3.5/5)
Rajgir (3/5)
Gaya (3/5)
Patna (2.5/5)
Ahmedabad (2.5/5)
Chandigarh (2/5)

Wild Life

Thol (4.5/5)
Nalsarovar (4/5)
Sunderbans (2/5)

Black & White


How to Save Money for Travels

We all love to travel and sometimes splurge too. If you are a travel buff, then the biggest challenge you face is managing the expenses. While not everyone can afford luxury travels, we all can manage our travel expenses better and save money using these tips for frequent travels.

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Andaman and Nicobar

Originally posted on Creative Genes:
After our plans for Maldives got called off due to passport issues, the only honeymoon destination in India that we could think of amidst preparation for our wedding was, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which was long due in my travel bucket. Although the flight was nearly as expensive as the…

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Beaches of Maharashtra: Vengurla (Part III)

Why Vengurla? Don’t we sometimes just prefer to stay at one place and have a very relaxed vacay to get the much-needed break from the monotony of routine life? If you are among those who like to stay at one place and do nothing, instead of hopping from one point to another, then Vengurla is…

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Delhi Days

The first-ever metropolitan city I ever visited, it was Delhi, as a small kid in the year 1996. I only have faint memories of the city from those times. I was in Delhi for more than a month with my uncle and grandmother. Thankfully, my uncle took me to all the major tourist attractions in Delhi, leaving me happy and contented like never before.

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Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry

My first ever tête-à-tête with this state was a road trip from Bangalore to Coonoor in the year 2017 on a Maruti-Suzuki Swift, with me on the backseat doing nothing. Fast forward to the year 2021, I could only promote myself to become the navigator in Volkswagen Vento on yet another road trip from Bangalore…

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My Travel Wish List for India

Exploring my inner self, in solitude and days of singlehood, I don’t know when it turned me into a travel buff, always looking for new experiences, culture, and food. Naturally, photography just became a constant companion, even when I was alone on a solo trip, with or without a DSLR camera. As my journey started…

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Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh

Four days, four different moods. From gorgeous grey to pristine white, tranquil blue to resplendent green, nature is just at its best everywhere you move your eyes. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Shimla, Naldehra gives you a refreshing break from a typical tourist place, offering a majestic view of pristine peaks. The best time to come here is winter when you can probably catch beautiful snowfall like we did.

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Chikmagalur, Karnataka

The literal meaning of Chikmagalur is ‘Land of the younger (Chikka) daughter (Magalu)’. It is one of the most popular haunts for people in Bangalore looking for a refreshing weekend getaway, full of scenic hills, coffee estates, and waterfalls. The climate here is pleasant throughout the year. However, I would recommend you to visit this…

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Patna Se Hain

Don’t go by the title. I originally hail from a small town in Bihar called Katihar. Patna has just become a new home ever since I got married. After surviving immuring eight months of lock-down in Mumbai, right after our wedding, we immediately headed to Patna for a fresh breeze of much-needed ‘break’, saying ‘Hello’…

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