The Golkonda

This time when I visited the Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad I challenged myself not to take any regular touristy photos, and to have a different take on this historical monument I have visited many times.

What did I change this time?

  • I reached the moment the ticket counter opened for the public to avoid the crowd and hard daylight;
  • I kept changing my vantage point and always picked the unusual ones;
  • I paid attention to the source of light and observed the interplay of lights and shadows;
  • I used elements of visual art (symmetry, form, texture, lines, pattern, tones) to compose the images;
  • I visualized the final image even before clicking.

Camera: Lumix S1
Lens: 24-105 mm F4.0
Filter: Kenko Polarizing
Location: Hyderabad
Time: March 2022

What could have made the results better?

  • Tripod;
  • Wide-angle lens;
  • Exposing for composites.


Published by Vivek Kumar Verma

Investment Banking Lawyer | Photographer & Blogger | Connoisseur of Food | Poet

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