Beatifically Beautiful Beaches

There are mountain lovers and beach lovers. If you fall in the latter clan, let me tell you stories from my travel dates with some of the most beautiful beaches in India. You can choose any of these for your next travel destination, as every beach, no matter how similar they may appear to you, has its own character, if you observe a bit closer.

How I Decide Which Beach to Go

Colour & Clarity

The one colour scheme that defines a romantic beach destination is turquoise blue and white. Except for Andamans or Lakshadweep, it is rare to find this colour palette in India. The more you can get closer to these colours, the cleaner you may find the water there. However, you can only assess the true colour of the ocean on a sunny day around afternoon. As a thumb rule, you can trust the Blue flag certified beaches to be clean.

Uncrowded & Serene

When I decide on a beach destination, what matters the most to me is serenity and its offbeat location. I deliberately skip the popular beaches at any place and head straight to the ones less explored and known to the outsiders. The idea of having almost a private beach to yourself makes all the efforts gone into research, totally worthwhile. The best way to search offbeat beaches is through Google map, instead of going by popular names.

Marine Life & Adventure

What is a sea, if you cannot have some fun in the water, take a plunge with the waves, do a shore walk, dive a bit deeper to explore the secret underwater world of flora and fauna? The more you can explore these hidden gems, the more enriching your experience would be of coming to a sea. For this, you just need a little bit of interest in marine life and find out which beaches offers good water sports. This is probably the best part of exploring the sea.

Blue Flag Beaches

Blue Flag is one of the world’s most accredited voluntary award for beaches, selected by an eminent international jury, comprising of members of the UN Environment Programme, UN World Tourism Organization, Foundation for Environmental Education and IUCN. Before a beach is tagged with a blue flag, it goes through a series of stringent evaluative criteria based on four aspects, water quality, environmental management and education and safety. The programme is run by the international, non-governmental, non-profit organisation FEE (the Foundation for Environmental Education). Eight beaches in India have been awarded the coveted ‘Blue Flag’ certification.

  1. Kappad (near Kozhikode, Kerala)
  2. Shivrajpur (near Dwarka, Gujarat)
  3. Ghoghla (Diu)
  4. Kasarkod (near Honnavar, Karnataka)
  5. Padubidri (Karnataka)
  6. Rushikonda (Vizag, Andhra Pradesh)
  7. Golden (Puri, Odisha) and
  8. Radhanagar (Andaman & Nicobar Islands).

Types of Beaches in India

In India, you have mostly two types of beaches, rocky beaches and sandy beaches. While many of you may be already familiar with sandy beaches, rocky beaches are more popular among marine life enthusiasts and people who love shore walks. I got introduced to shore walk when I took one organised by WWF near Haji Ali in Mumbai. My second shore walk was at Neil Islands of Andaman.

If marine life attracts you pulling you to the seashore, you should definitely consider visiting marine national parks instead, which is quite an unconventional way to explore the underwater treasure trove. India has six marine national parks, out of which the Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park in Jamnagar, Gujarat is long due on my bucket list.

Most Favourite Beach in India

The beaches of Havelock and Neil Islands of Andaman are the closest you can get to exotic beach destinations abroad. What adds magic to these beaches is the turquoise blue sealine shimmering with pearl white sand. This is how I ever imagined a dream-like beach destination. The water is sparkling clean to give you the live visuals of flora and fauna underneath. If you are scared of scuba diving, even snorkelling and a simple ride on a glass boat would be enough.

My Other Favourite Beaches in India

I know, it is not always feasible to travel to a far-off island destination, like Andaman or Lakshadweep. Therefore, I have a few personal recommendations for you. Why don’t you check it out yourself!

The best beach to explore here is Malgund beach, where you can also do a lot of adventure sports and enjoy the roads running along the beaches. The bird’s eye view of the beaches you get from the hilly roads is what makes this place totally worthwhile a visit and unique.

If you are in Gokarna, you can very well skip Gokarna beach and head to the lesser-known beaches like Half Moon, Paradise, Kudle, etc. One unique aspect of some of these beaches is the necessary trekking through the hills to reach there. Their difficult accessibility makes them more serene and less crowded.

If you love scuba diving then Malvan may be the right place for you. The beaches are mostly clean and serene if you choose the less popular ones located in the outskirts of the main town. You may also see the confluence of a river and sea here if you do not mind a 30-50 minutes drive.

Sunset from these beaches

If you are on the western coastline of India, you can always catch a beautiful sunset with the Arabian Sea. For sunrise, you need to be on the eastern coast of India to enjoy the red sun rising up from the Bay of Bengal. This also means that you need not wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise if you are in the west.

Gadgets for Seascapes & Underwater Photography
  1. Main camera with a wide-angle lens (14-24mm or 16-35mm preferably);
  2. Graduated ND filter/polarized filter for the lens;
  3. Action camera with underwater casing (if diving deeper);
  4. Compact tripod/ GorillaPod for long-exposure shots.

If you are in the mood to go bonkers and have money to spend for your project, you may also consider:

  1. Underwater drone (QYSEA FIFISH V6/ PowerRay);
  2. Drone (DJI Mavic 2 Pro/ DJI Air 2S )
My Bucket List for India
  1. Agatti Island, Lakshadweep;
  2. Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu;
  3. St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka;
  4. Shivrajpur Beach, Gujarat;
  5. Kappad Beach, Kerala.

Other Popular Beach Destinations in India




Best Beach Destinations Near Major Cities


Ratnagiri (323 Km)

Malvan (467 Km)

Vengurla (475 Km)


Sankarpur (177 Km)

Bakkhali (126 Km)

Mandarmani (179 Km)


Mahabalipuram (58 Km)

Paradise (163 Km)

Dhanushkodi (580 Km)


Padubidri (390 Km)

Malpe (406 Km)

Kasarkod (465 Km)


In a series of three posts, discover the enchanting beauty of some of the lesser known beaches of Maharashtra, which will certainly win your heart and give you vacay goals!

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