Hi, I am Vivek!
A lawyer who loves photography and travelling.

Welcome to my blog where I share my stories and photographs, not only from the places I travel to with limited leaves, but also the food I relish, the people I meet, and beautiful moments I share with them. You can hate me for being blunt and love me for being honest.

Hello, I’m Vivek. A lawyer by profession, a visual artist by passion. Painting in school took me to a whole new journey of photography later in my law school. I love travelling and creating artwork that starts conversations. I have been taking up professional assignments since 2015. Know more

Seven Elements of Visual Art: Lines, Patterns & Tones (Part II)

“No matter how much shape, or form, or texture, or tone, or line, or any of the visual elements are present, if they aren’t put to some purpose all you have is a picture about a visual element.” — Peter Glendinning Lines, Patterns & Tones in Photography Vertical Lines usually convey a certain sense of solidity,Continue reading “Seven Elements of Visual Art: Lines, Patterns & Tones (Part II)”

ASCI Guidelines Applicable on Influencers in India

Are you someone who promotes or talks about a brand on your social media handles, including your websites or YouTube channel? If yes, then you must read this post to make yourself aware of the Guidelines[1] issued by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI)[2] effective from 14 June, 2021, to ensure compliance. Therefore, theseContinue reading “ASCI Guidelines Applicable on Influencers in India”

Seven Elements of Visual Art: Shape, Form & Texture (Part I)

Application of Shape, Form & Texture in Photography Circles  introduce energy and movement in a photograph as the eyes are constantly directed around the image; Squares and rectangles give a feeling of stability and solidity, particularly, when large; Regular shapes (circles, squares and equilateral triangles) convey a sense of order and stability; Organic or curvedContinue reading “Seven Elements of Visual Art: Shape, Form & Texture (Part I)”

5 Landscape Photographers Whose Work I find Truly Inspiring!

Jerad Armijo Website: Jerad is a terrific landscape photographer from Portland. I came to know about him very recently when I heard him speaking in a session on Club House. Every piece of his work is a true form of art inspired by some of the great art movements of the history like minimalism,Continue reading “5 Landscape Photographers Whose Work I find Truly Inspiring!”


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Art Movements: Minimalism

My most recent ongoing photography project to depict various art movements in the form of still images, starting with Minimalism (June 2021).

From the Archive

“Vivek has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist to the core. There were so many amazing shots that he took, however he was not satisfied with that and kept taking more shots until he got that perfect shot. He never tires during a shoot and keeps at it till he is completely satisfied. He made a lot of otherwise dreary and dull shots come alive through his photography. He also spends a lot of time post the shoot to select the good photographs and edit them to give it that finishing edge.” ― Priyadarshini Shetty

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“We loved the candid photographs Vivek took at our wedding. From the Mehendi to the Bidaai, he covered everything, including the make-up and wardrobe shots. The pictures he has captured of our family and friends will be treasured for a lifetime. He was polite, patient, accommodating and got along so well with us that it felt like he was a part of our extended family. As a bride, I felt very comfortable having him around, he worked around our constraints and took photos that authentically captured the moments. Choosing him as the photographer for our destination wedding in Goa was our best decision.”Archana Sinha

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The talent is there. Of this there is no doubt; glance through his photos and the skill becomes supremely evident. What the pictures may not tell you about this man though, is his patience, his unending patience. And his desire to push, to do that little bit extra that distinguishes a good photo from an excellent one. The other impressive bit about Vivek is, I think, the fact that he is own harshest critic. Highly recommended, and a thorough professional.” ― Anuj Garg

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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