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ASCI Guidelines Applicable on Influencers in India

Are you someone who promotes or talks about a brand on your social media handles, including your websites or YouTube channel? If yes, then you must read this post to make yourself aware of the Guidelines[1] issued by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI)[2] effective from 14 June, 2021, to ensure compliance. Therefore, theseContinue reading “ASCI Guidelines Applicable on Influencers in India”

About me

I completed my B.A.LL.B from National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) Kolkata, in the year 2013. I started my professional career as an intellectual property lawyer, dealing mostly in trademark and copyright laws, before I moved to corporate and contract laws. I presently work with a global investment banking company based out of Mumbai, and run a legal blog, Indian Case Law.

Trademark for Photographers

What is Trademark? A trademark is a source identifier in the form of any indicia (sign, design or expression) that is capable of distinguishing a product/service of a certain company or person from the products of others. It can be in the form of word marks, stylised marks, logos, labels, product packaging / trade dress,Continue reading “Trademark for Photographers”


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