The City of Nizams


This was not a photography tour back in the year 2014. This was the city, I started my career with, the city which made me fall in love with its truly divine Biryani, the city which is probably one of  the most progressive cities I ever lived in.

Back then, all I had to capture the beauty of this city of Nizams, was a modest point-and-shoot camera, my first ever camera in fact, Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ-10, followed by my first ever DSLR camera, Sony Alpha 58 just few months before I left the city for Bangalore.


Starting with the iconic structural beauty of the city, the next two stops were not very far either.DSC00090-002

Mecca Masjid (above) and Chowmahalla Palace (below).


Chowmahalla Palace is more interesting than it looks like. More than a palace, it is a museum where you can relive the days of Nizams. From paintings, to cutlery  and many other historical objects, the story continues to take a swift ride in the motor cars of those times, including the Rolls Royce.


This was the old city, my favorite part. Another interesting part, and my usual haunt, was Shilparamam, full of colors and fun activities, be it unique artifacts, paintings, puppet shows, dance performance, street food, boat ride, and many more.


Back to the old city again, Golkonda Fort is one place, which needs a complete day to appreciate its beauty in ruins.P1340213-003DSC00957DSC01023P1340328-001You can club your trip to Golkonda Fort with Qutub Shahi Tomb which is nearby.P1340497-003Last, but not the least, how can I miss the iconic Cyber Tower, which is another architectural beauty in the newer part of the city.Cyber TowerOn top of these interesting places, Hyderabad offers one of the best Biryanis I have ever had. Few of my most favorite places for Biryani are Bawarchi (the authentic one is on the main road of RTC X roads), Hotel Shadab (near High Court), and Paradise (Sikandarabad). Other than Biryani, you may also try Irani Chai with Osmania biscuits. Karachi Bakery is the right place to get wide variety of cookies, including Osmania biscuit.

If you think, this is all that Hyderabad has to offer, then you are probably wrong. If you love shopping, Ikea is one place where you can find anything and everything related to home decor and interior. It is so huge that your retail therapy here can cost you a whole day. For those who are willing to venture out of the city for a day trip, some of the other interesting places are Nehru Zoological Park (for the child in you), Maula Ali Dargah and Ananda Buddha Vihara (for the ones who love peace and serenity) and Ramoji Film City.


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