Delhi Days

The first-ever metropolitan city I ever visited, it was Delhi, as a small kid in the year 1996. I only have faint memories of the city from those times. I was in Delhi for more than a month with my uncle and grandmother. Thankfully, my uncle took me to all the major tourist attractions in Delhi, leaving me happy and contented like never before. When we came back, I was so awestruck that I kept telling my experiences to others for the next few months. A life-time experience for a small kid indeed!

Ten years later, I was in this city again; this time for more than six months as a CLAT aspirant, studying hard to make it to one of the top national law schools in India. The only fun part of this stay was occasional sneaking into the IIT Delhi campus for a stroll or its amazing canteen food. I had never seen such a beautiful campus before, and it indeed motivated me to work harder to achieve my dream.

Once I joined the law school in the year 2008, I kept coming to Delhi for internships. Focused on my career, I did not get much opportunity to explore the city better and discover its hidden gems. It is only when I came to Delhi again for my first job, I could visit a lot more place and understood the city better. All this while, I did not have any professional camera. However, I still managed to click some memorable photographs which I have curated in this post to remind me of those times.

Photography: The photographs were mostly taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 and Lumix DMC-FZ40 at the time when I had just started my photography journey and travelling more often. Since then, it has been a long journey teaching me experiences of a lifetime than just photography skills.


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