Goa, India

First Time in Goa: 2015

The first time I was in Goa, it was in the year 2015, to cover a destination wedding. The shoot was a major breakthrough for me as a wedding photographer who had just started. As the trip was sponsored by the client for their wedding, I could barely get half an hour to take a morning walk to the nearby beach.

The camera I used back then was my first ever DSLR, Sony Alpha 58. I was happy to click at least a few pictures to remember this place and the trip.

The shoot was an important learning for me as a photographer, as this was the first and only time I ever had a dispute with my client. The issue was ownership of the photographs and the right to publish some of the good images on my website. It is a long story. But, what I learnt from the episode was, never ever have such a dispute with any client and always try to strike a middle ground, even though you may be right.

Second Shot: 2017

The second time I was in Goa, it was for yet another destination wedding in the year 2017. This time, however, I also took my parents along who enjoyed their time together taking walks along the beaches, while I was busy shooting the wedding at the resort.

Photography: Most of the shots captured on this wedding were from Canon 5D Mark III with a 70-200 mm f/2.8 zoom lens and a wide-angle lens which I had taken on rent for this project.

Finally a Personal Tour: 2018

This was a well-planned sibling trip with my brother coming from Hyderabad, my cousin coming from Bangalore and me coming from Mumbai to Gokarna. Goa was the second leg of our trip and a bit disappointing too as we had already seen the less crowded and more serene beaches of Gokarna in the first two days.

Having been disappointed by the dirty beaches of North Goa, we headed to South Goa and covered Palolem beach on the first evening in Goa. On the second day, we took a regular Goa tour bus for the day with a drop in Panjim to catch our respective buses back home.

The camera I used this time was Sony A77 Mark II with one 18-135 mm lens.

Love Affair: 2019

I will always remember Goa, not for my previous trips, but for that one surprise trip, my wife had planned for me on my birthday. I will always cherish each and every moment spent with her on this trip, particularly going for an evening scooty ride in light drizzle and singing some romantic songs for her by the beachside. These are still the fondest memories of our love story.

A Weekend in Goa: 2022

This was a completely impromptu trip from Hyderabad to Goa with my parents and siblings. This was the first time I ever took my sister and parents to Goa on a real trip. Real because the last time my parents were in Goa, I was busy covering a destination wedding.

Given the peace and cleanliness of beaches in South Goa, we chose to stay in Palolem and go nowhere. The idea was to just have a relaxing weekend and do nothing.


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