5 Landscape Photographers Whose Work I find Truly Inspiring!

Don’t you think travel and landscape photography you see from many photographers, look mostly similar. I also feel, sometimes they are glorified version of the reality. In addition, the extensive editing process makes it even more unrealistic. Having said that, I feel every photographer has the leeway to depict their work however they want. But,Continue reading “5 Landscape Photographers Whose Work I find Truly Inspiring!”

Content Ideas for Travel Bloggers in this Pandemic – Part I

It is easier to write a blog post on the places you have travelled to, than on something that may demand more creativity with the selection of subject and choice of words. Although I have not been regular with such posts, I did invest some good time in this pandemic to prepare a list ofContinue reading “Content Ideas for Travel Bloggers in this Pandemic – Part I”

Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh

Four days, four different moods. From gorgeous grey to pristine white, tranquil blue to resplendent green, nature is just at its best everywhere you move your eyes. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Shimla, Naldehra gives you a refreshing break from a typical tourist place, offering a majestic view of pristine peaks. The best time to come here is winter when you can probably catch beautiful snowfall like we did.