Beaches of Maharashtra: Malvan (Part II)

The idea of my trips is always to explore more than a regular tourist and have a more personalized experience as much as I can find. My last trip to Malvan was mostly about going to lesser known obscure locations where you don’t find tourists thronging the place, and that’s the beauty of exploring more, going those extra miles. How do I do it? You have to earn it by being genuinely good, because the world is just a reflection of what you are.

Gokarna, Karnataka, India

There is a reason why I always prefer a destination which is less commercialized and more raw. Gokarna was one such place long due in my list. Having heard good words about it from friends, I decided to plan my first ever sibling trip of life here, with my brother coming from Hyderabad, my sisterContinue reading “Gokarna, Karnataka, India”

Beaches of Maharashtra: Ratnagiri (Part I)

Why Ratnagiri? Ratnagiri is the centre point of access to some of the most beautiful and serene beaches of Konkan region. However, what makes it very unique is the hilly roads giving you a spectacular view of the unending sea often running along with your wheels. I am sure those who love driving will absolutelyContinue reading “Beaches of Maharashtra: Ratnagiri (Part I)”