Beaches of Maharashtra: Vengurla (Part III)

Why Vengurla? Don’t we sometimes just prefer to stay at one place and have a very relaxed vacay to get the much-needed break from the monotony of routine life? If you are among those who like to stay at one place and do nothing, instead of hopping from one point to another, then Vengurla isContinue reading “Beaches of Maharashtra: Vengurla (Part III)”

My Travel Wish List for India

Exploring my inner self, in solitude and days of singlehood, I don’t know when it turned me into a travel buff, always looking for new experiences, culture, and food. Naturally, photography just became a constant companion, even when I was alone on a solo trip, with or without a DSLR camera. As my journey startedContinue reading “My Travel Wish List for India”

Beaches of Maharashtra: Malvan (Part II)

The idea of my trips is always to explore more than a regular tourist and have a more personalized experience as much as I can find. My last trip to Malvan was mostly about going to lesser known obscure locations where you don’t find tourists thronging the place, and that’s the beauty of exploring more, going those extra miles. How do I do it? You have to earn it by being genuinely good, because the world is just a reflection of what you are.