Bhedaghat, Jabalpur

When: February 16, 2019

Most economical way to reach: Take a train to Jabalpur. Catch a city bus to Bhedaghat from Platform no.6 exit of the railway station.

Best time to visit: Full moon night of Sharad Poornima (occurs once in a year) and  winter (November – February)

Cost: Bus ride from Jabalpur to Bhedaghat (INR 25); Boat ride (INR 200 per person in 4 seater small boat/ INR 100 per person in 8 seater large boat); Rope way to reach other side of the Dhuandhar Falls with return (INR 95).

Collectibles to buy: Unique marble artifacts sculpted by local artists.

Time taken to cover the below spots: One day.

I wanted to be one of the first few persons to watch Dhuandhar Falls shrouded in misty fog of early winter morning that day. Therefore, I made this my first stop taking around 1 km walk from the bus stop.

DSC03603This was the second leg of my trip to Bhedaghat, a boat ride through the Narmada river flanked by shining marble rocks in the foggy winter morning of February.


DSC03889I took a much needed tea-break before moving to the third spot.TempleThe third leg of my trip was to visit nearby (less than 1 km from Bhedaghat boating point) Chausath Yogini Temple. This temple was built in the 10th Century AD by the Kalachuri kingdom. The temple has 95 unique shrines which includes 64 Yoginis in circular fashion around the temple, one for each yoginis and a main shrine. The main shrine boasts of the one and only idol of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in India where they can be seen riding on Nandi, the sacred bull, after their marriage.

The last leg of my trip was a revisit to Dhuandhar Falls post lunch, to have an aerial view of this picturesque waterfall and explore its other side which is less crowded and more serene.


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